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Aug 22 2012

Umpiring for America

Just another day in the life of a Roosevelt rookie:

So, we had another softball game today. Honestly, coaching has been one of my favorite parts of working at my school so far. The girls are great, the coaches are taking me under their wing inside the classroom and out, and I’m around sports, which has been a necessity in my life since I was five.

Anyways, we had a game tonight at six but when we showed up at 5:15 to warm up, the game scheduled ahead of us didn’t have an umpire. When we called the league, they told us that there were 42 games scheduled for today and that there wouldn’t be an umpire coming out to our game.

Allow me to digress real quick: it’s bad enough that we got jipped out of an umpire and that no one bothered to inform us, but what kind of impression does this make on our kids? Not only does it invalidate them by saying that they aren’t important enough to deserve umpires, it tells them that in the adult world, its perfectly acceptable to not show up or even call ahead. Great lesson for a bunch of kids growing up with absentee parents and systemic inequalities, am I right? Anyways, I try not to be too incensed about it.

Regardless, the game ahead of us didn’t have an umpire, so Coach K stepped in and called the game. He’s certified and does games on weekends and such and has a great relationship with all the other coaches so it was a natural fix.

The game went off without a hitch and Coach was preparing to get our game underway, leaving me as head coach of the team, a pretty cool thought. However, I knew that he’d rather coach than umpire, so I told him about my experience working for campus rec at TCU and offered to ump the game. Coach bit his lip a little bit and thought about it, then walked off.

Two minutes later, I was the newest umpire for OKCPS. I strode out to the mound wearing my boat shoes, khaki pants, button down shirt, and sunglasses to call the game. The contest itself went off without too much of a hitch: we won handily and, outside of some jawing from the other coach, I didn’t have to deal with a lot of crap.

I guess it just goes to show that out here, anything’s possible. I’m not just Teaching For America. I’m coaching for America, driving kids home for America, and now umpiring for America. As I prepare to begin my unit plans that I’ll be handing in tomorrow, I’m reminded that the one thing I’m not┬ádoing for America is sleeping. I’ve got no complaints at all though. It’s just another day of living the dream, somebody’s dream at least.

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