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Sep 07 2012

Stealing Food

I have a 30 minute lunch every day that is mainly spent escorting students to lunch, administering lunch detentions, and hanging out with the dozen or so children that choose to come to my room during lunch. Because of that, not a whole lot of eating goes on during lunch and so I bring a few granola bars to school to sustain me until my 8:30 dinner. I can safely assume that I’m the only consumer of Great Value mixed berry cereal bars, which is why I was bewildered to find a wrapper of one of my foodstuffs on the ground yesterday between classes. During lunch, I had the opportunity to investigate a little further and my suspicions were confirmed: while I had been gone taking students to the library, a student snuck into my room, went through my backpack, stole a cereal bar, and left my school laptop and iPad.
I don’t even know what to make of that. A kid stole from me, and not in the “I’m taking something off your desk” way, but in the “I’m walking into your empty room and rooting through your bag” kind of way. And then this student chose to steal only a bit of food.
Usually when I write I end with some kind of takeaway or conclusion, but this time I don’t. Do with the information what you will, just know that this happened to me and I’m perplexed by it.

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