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Sep 11 2012

“Baby, I’m goin’ home again”

This past weekend I drove back down to Fort Worth to watch my alma mater play in it’s first game since I became an alumnus. The weekend was a much needed refresher and gave me a chance to “step out” of TFA for a bit, so to speak.

As soon as I got back, I wasn’t a wind-swept first year teacher struggling just to keep his head above water. Instead, I was a returning hero, a dear friend whose face hadn’t been seen in too long. At least, it felt like that. Because so many of my friends are still living in the area, it really felt like everyone was banding together to host me and show me a good time. That, and I ran into so many people from TCU. Obviously, I knew that I’d be meeting up with my closest friends from college. But I saw many people from SGA, Pi Kapp, and other organizations that I wasn’t necessarily close to, but who still made me feel missed and valued. Teaching isn’t a profession that grants a lot of validation, and while I’m thick enough to be alright with that fact, it was still a great break to step back into a culture that values making people feel welcome.

For me, it provided just the kind of break I needed. I had a great time, got to reflect some, saw old friends, and am back in OKC with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. Bring on the kiddos.

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