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Sep 27 2012


Tonight was such a great night. I got to grab dinner with my mentor teacher after softball practice and and got to call one of my best friends on her twenty second birthday (Trish, you should go home before your money’s all gone). I had a great TFA professional development session (although I always enjoy them because its so energizing to see other people striving to become better teachers) and even got some laundry done.

But what really made things special was the run that I took sandwiched right in the middle of all these events. At 11 tonight, I downloaded the new Lupe Fiasco album, plugged in my headphones, and prepared to take off on a run.

As soon as I got to the door, I saw that it was still raining outside. Not a calm drizzle, but real, legit rain. I hesitated for a second, then whipped out into the night. Within minutes, I was soaked. I wrapped my phone in a dish towel to keep it from getting too wet and attacked the night. Maybe it was the new album, maybe it was the cooler temperatures, or maybe it was just the fact that things have been turning around in my class… whatever it was, I was on fire tonight. I ended up running seven miles in all, every few minutes adding on another few hundred yards with an extra turn here or there. Across the sky, lightning lit up the night so that it was bright as day for most of the run.

As I ran alone in the night, wet and shivering with my own thoughts, the entire TFA experience washed over me. The tiny gains that I’d held on to, the hurtful mindsets, and all of the many, many mistakes that I’ve made over the last nine weeks slipped away. I was brought back to the place where I was in January- wholly dedicated, wholly committed. Not jaded, not realistic, just ready to go go go, to get dirty, to make a difference, to move the builders and boulders of history with the sweat of my brow.

Tomorrow is a new day, and as I lay down to sleep, I feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated going into it.

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