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Jan 07 2013

Let’s go back, back to the Gap


Monday afternoon.

So, here we are, back again. I don’t even know where break went, but it’s gone now and I’ve got five months before I’ll get another one like it. And so here I am, back at RMS, but also back on this website. Procrastinating making worksheets, for sure, but hopefully also doing something worthwhile. I mean, I’m not just spinning my wheels here, right?

Usually, when I write on here I’ve got something to say. Some sort of story to share or an observation about the system. Sometimes I just want to convey to others what it means to be going through these things. But today, I’ve got nothing in particular.

And I guess that’s what surprises me. Today doesn’t mean much of anything.
I woke up early.
My portable was 42 degrees before I turned on the heat.
I herded 11 year olds through a metal detector.
I walked past two fresh layers of graffitti into my classroom.
I taught 140 kids.
I called parents and spoke from a position of authority.
I helped my school prepare for next week’s visit from the state department of education.
And now I’m sitting in a middle school classroom, writing.

This is my life now? I mean, when did this happen? I’m still in college, right? I guess not.
For years before this, I’ve wanted to be in this position. And now, here I am. And I don’t know what to make of it. This is the new normal. this is my life now, I guess. I don’t really know anymore.
Honestly, the next five months looms ahead so heavily that I can’t imagine anything else.

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