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Jan 16 2013

“The model of school turnaround”

Yesterday was our school’s “Data Retreat”, where representatives from the State Department of Education came to RMS and looked at all of our data, interviewed students, and spent time in classrooms. This was the first time that the State actually came to RMS since the decision was made last year to have RMS be taken over by the state.

Since that time last year, the school has undergone a dramatic shift. Nearly 70% of the staff left and was replaced, the MAPs for Kids school renovations were undertaken, TFA came in with many other brand new teachers, and an entirely new administration came. I wasn’t there for the end of last year and so can only document what I’ve seen this year, but this is what one of the State representatives said at the Retreat yesterday.

RMS is the model of school turnaround. We’re going to share your data and your story with other schools around the state because they need to know there is hope.

I don’t know exactly how bad things got at the end of last year and I don’t even have a ton of perspective to say how good or bad things are now. I will say, however, that it doesn’t feel like I’m teaching at one of the worst schools in the state. Are we a “miracle school”? Absolutely not, but students here feel safe and valued and expected to learn.

Slowly but surely, we’re building something special here.

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