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Feb 25 2013

Snow Day?

At the risk of jinxing what could be a beautiful thing, there’s currently a blizzard barreling towards Oklahoma City and chances are good that we’ll have a snow day tomorrow. In fact, one of my roommates is so certain that he made a Slap Bet with my other roommate. In any case, having tomorrow off from school would come as a huge blessing. Even though the end of the year tests are looming closer and closer, my students and I are stuck in a little rut that would be worth a missed day to get out of. Personally, I ran a marathon yesterday, got home, and spent the evening planning- I could use a day of sleep and grading to feel on level again.

This is a rough patch in the schedule. Spring Break is still several weeks away and Christmas Break is a long-gone memory and everyone seems to be moving on autopilot. I’ve been getting more blank stares and “I dunno”s than I have all year and I wonder if the kids might benefit from the time off. Regardless of whether or not we get the day off tomorrow, OKCPS has already canceled all sports and extracurricular activities for the evening so even just having soccer practice off will be a nice change of place. My thoughts go out to everyone in OKC- stay safe and best of luck tomorrow!

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