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Mar 07 2013

Update on my two boys

Yesterday I became aquinted with the beuaracracy of the Department of Human Services in my attempt to help out two of my boys (I wrote about their plight yesterday in this post). While I understand the need for all the red tape that goes on, especially in places that have the potential to be dangerous, it was a frustrating experience.

During 5th hour, I called the home where the two cousins are staying. The receptionist at the home was extremely friendly and gave me the phone number of the boy’s case worker. The case worker was great- I can tell that she really cares about her kids. She gave me the okay to pick the kids up after soccer from the shelter but that she would have to talk to her supervisor to make sure. She promised to call me back afterwards.

She never called back. After school, I tried several times to reach her, finally opting to drive straight to the shelter with a fellow teacher. Our line of thinking was that even if we couldn’t take the kids out, we could bring them dinner or something. When we got there, we were helped by a lady who said she was sorry but without written permission from the case worker or supervisor, we couldn’t see the boys. She gave us the numbers of the case worker and the supervisor but none of the four that we tried were of any success. When we went back inside to inquire about the boys, a worker brusquely told us that they weren’t even allowed to tell us whether or not the boys were there.

And with that, we were kicked out, an ignomious end to our quest.

Well, the boys were back in school today. They’re holding it together. I’m about to once again call the case worker and see what can be done. We’re still searching for a happy ending.


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