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Jun 26 2013

My Donor’s Choose Project

One of the many great resources available to teachers is a wonderful website called Donor’s Choose. It allows teachers to post projects: trips, supplies, or technology that need outside, additional funding.

I’ve put up a project that will allow me to get a document camera for my students. In short, a doc cam is essentially an old school overhead projector without the need to create overlays. This means that I’ll be able edit papers, take notes, and annotate texts right in front of my students. This will be huge for my classroom. Seriously, if I could change one thing about the physicality of my classroom, I would’ve added a doc cam last year.

Anyways, here’s a link to my project on the site.¬†Even if you don’t feel compelled to give, you can greatly help me out by putting the link out on Facebook or Twitter and making sure it gets as many eyes as possible. Thanks!


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  1. meghank

    Are you sure that’s a good camera? I haven’t researched it or anything, but in my experience the only doc cameras worth anything are Elmos.

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