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Sep 17 2013

My big opportunity

This last weekend I flew to LA to film a minute-long video. It’s part of a contest hosted by a travel company called Jauntaroo and the winner gets to spend one year travelling abroad, blogging and taking photographs as the company’s Chief World Explorer. If I win this contest, I’ll take a year off before coming back to resume my teaching career (yes, I will be back in the classroom).


Every person who watches and Likes this video will bring me one step closer to helping me accomplish this tremendous goal. Over the last year I’ve received a ton of support from the Teach For Us family; I’m really hoping ya’ll support me in this too. Thanks!


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  1. meghanelizabethdewey

    Good luck, Dalton! I will like you as soon as I’m not at school & can get on FB. :)

  2. gdwest999

    I gave you a like, buddy! Good job!

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