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Sep 23 2013

A whole new world

This year, I’ve been much less prolific on this site. Even though I find myself with exponentially more free time than I had at this time last year, I come here less and less often. I’m just not driven by the near-manic desire to record and remember every single moment that happens. Because it’s not some new grand, crazy, soul-squeezing adventure. It’s just life.

My lows aren’t as low anymore, but by the same token my highs aren’t as high. I don’t live and die by how each class goes. Instead, I come in, I work as hard as possible, try to impart a few lessons on the side, and go about my business, understanding now that I’m one cog within the education machine that is RMS.

Reading those words hurts just a little bit, because in part it reflects a lost idealism, the idea that one teacher, provided he sleeps few enough hours, can pull his students to where they need to be. However, I will be there very first to say that I am so much healthier mentally now than I was exactly one year ago that I can’t even begin to describe it.

This year, I feel like a human being. I’m involved in things that excite me, I teach my heart out, and I get something resembling sleep. It’s not enough; it’s never enough. But it is so much more than it was before, and for that I’m thankful.

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  1. M

    You give me hope, I can’t wait for my second year!

  2. Jim Richardson

    Teaching is like any other human endeavor, you have to learn how to pace yourself.

  3. Ms. Math

    Sounds like great progress to me! I had the same change as time wore on :)

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