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Oct 28 2013

Where did Fall Break go?

I’ve had the last two weeks off!

Because we’re on a full year calendar, we are blessed with a two-week Fall Break during the dreaded month of October. This break couldn’t have come at a better time. As we near the end of October, students and teachers alike have been working hard for three months and for the first years, the time commitment has been even greater.

A lot of us didn’t take advantage of the full two weeks and instead chose to teach intersession, which is an additional three days of classes for students who need extra help. Still, even with those extra three days of work in addition to two football games and a heaping of practices, I’ve been able to take advantage of the type of time off that few others get and for that I’m thankful. Without Fall Break, I’d be a mess right now. I needed time off and my kids did too and now that we’ve had it, it’s time to get back in the saddle.

I will say, I didn’t do a single thing over the last ten days, at least not where teaching was concerned. All year, I promised myself that I’d get my act together during Fall Break. I’d unit plan, grade papers, get ahead in grad school work… but to no avail. And now, it’s 11 PM, class starts in 10 hours, and here I am, typing away in my classroom because I procrastinated my grad school work until now. Oops!

Honestly though, it’s been nice. Last year, I’d be berating myself for squandering this opportunity. Now, however, as I reflect, I realize a few things. I’m in better shape than I have been since school started. I made a couple of new friends and a couple of new memories. I’m well-rested. And because of that, I know tomorrow is going to be a great day.

Do I wish I was crawling into bed now with the knowledge that I had several weeks of lesson plans and powerpoints perfectly aligned? Sure. But I’ve made peace with the fact that I didn’t and I respect the decisions I made. Tomorrow is our last football practice and Tuesday will be our last game and after that, I’ll have another 15 hours a week to myself. I made it through October, the same month that last year almost destroyed me.

Things are looking up, ya’ll.

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