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Mar 10 2014

Spring Break!

I haven’t written here in almost a month and I think that’s a testament to what’s been going on in my life. All in all, things are wild. Coaching soccer, grad school, preparing to say my goodbyes (to this city, these people, this school), training for the OKC marathon… things have been crazy and I’ve been beautifully busy.

But the classroom has not felt like a hectic place. Part of that is because we’ve missed five (!) days this semester due to bad weather but part of it is because it’s a simple grind now. The days are long (not having a planning hour will do that to you) but the weeks are short to be honest. My students are great and I deal with only minor distractions in class now. At the end of school, I go out and play soccer with my kids for a couple of hours. If we don’t have a game, I go back to my room and work for about an hour on grad school stuff. I get home at 6:30, work out, eat, screw around for a bit, then go to sleep. Lather, rinse repeat.

It’s become more of a routine than I’ve ever had in my life and honestly, it’s put me in something of a rut. Which is why I’m ecstatic that I’m now officially on spring break! Because we’re on a year-long calendar, we get a two week spring break (just like our fall break) but up until now I’ve worked the first week of every break doing extra tutoring for my students. I was planning on doing it this time around as well but about a week ago decided to take the extra week off. I’ll be driving to Omaha to visit an old friend and then spending week two going on a cruise.

It’s been a tough month and I’m really excited for this opportunity. Teachers need breaks way more than students do.

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